IQ Option Broker Summary

Founded 2013
Regulation CySEC (Cif License #247/14)
Assets Forex, Digital and Binary Options, Stock CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs, Commodities
Minimum Deposit 10$
Deposit Methods ​Debit Cards, Credit Cards, ​Maestro, Skrill, WebMoney, Cash U, Neteller
Trading Platforms Mobile (iOS, Android), Desktop (MacOS, Windows)
Payout 95% — Maximum $1 Million USD
Not Available Countries Australia, Canada, United States, Japan, Israel, Turkey, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Russian Federation,  Germany, Romania, Spain.
Demo Account Yes
Islamic Account Yes


This blog post will tell you about IQ Option broker. It’s important to find a trader that suits your needs, so we have created this guide for our readers! IQ option offers traders an opportunity to get involved in binary options without needing any form of financial risk management or collateral which makes them quite unique among brokerage firms around the globe.

IQ option is an online trading broker that offers traders the opportunity to trade in a huge variety of markets, from foreign currency to stocks and commodities. It’s also possible to trade on IQ Option mobile app which is available for both iOS and Android. IQ option has been operational since 2013 when it was first launched by IQ OPTION LTD.

The company operates out of Cyprus with headquarters in Limassol-Cyprus but has offices around the world including London, Hong Kong, Moscow and Dubai.

IQ Option provides its clients with advanced trading platforms that are user-friendly and offer 24/7 customer support through live chat on site or email at any time of day or night.

Tradable Instruments at IQ Option

IQ Option offers a wide range of tradable assets in its platform. You can trade stocks, currency pairs, CFDs and indices with IQ option broker.

Digital Options Trading

IQ Option also offers to trade Digital Options. These can be of two types: Touch and Range. When trading a touch option, traders predict whether the underlying asset will reach a certain price at any point before an expiration date.

IQ Option Binary Options Trading

Binary Options are the most popular trading instrument in the IQ Option. Lets talk about it in detail right now. IQ Option is one of the best brokers in this field with their specific Binary Options Trading platform and all account holders have access to it.

So, binary option trading comes out on top when it comes to features that traders want from a broker. It offers very competitive pricing rates which includes tight spreads (the difference between bid price and ask price), fast order execution, lots of trade types including One Touch/No Touch trades for those who want an edge over other traders by predicting whether asset will go up or down after expiration time has passed., liquidity pools so you can always find someone else interested in taking the opposite side of your bet etc). IQ use SpotOption technology for its binary options

FX Options Trading

FX Options is another trading instrument, platform IQ Option offers to its traders.

FX Options trades are based on the price movement of Forex currencies in relation with each other, as well as their relative value against a third currency (a trading index). This type of trade is often referred to by investors and brokers alike as an «intra-day» trade because you can buy or sell the options at any time during that particular day.

Stock CFD Trading

IQ option enables traders to find out more about company’s shares with detailed information from different news sources (MSCI) before placing orders in order not only to increase their profits but also minimize risks associated with price volatility. IQ Option provides multiple tools for stock analysis such as equity charts and technical indicators which are necessary when making correct decisions based on fundamental data like market capitalization or P/E ratio. Stock trader can easily monitor real time changes in prices by using simple platform of IQ Option with advanced tools for technical analysis.

The trading environment is fully regulated, thus ensuring maximum safety and transparency during transactions between the two parties involved: an investor and a broker.

Forex Trading

Forex trading on IQ Option platform is a way to trade on the foreign exchange market, which includes trading currencies against each other. IQ Option provides traders with many tools for technical analysis and currency charts that helps trader get advantages over others by recognizing trends in price movements such as forex signals or fundamental data like interest rate of different countries.

It is necessary to mention IQ Option Webtrader because it allows you to use all opportunities if not only Forex but also Futures Trading, Binary Options, CFD’s (Contract For Difference) etc., from your home computer without any additional requirements.

IQ Option Cryptocurrency Trading

IQ Option Cryptocurrency Trading allows you to trade Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. IQ Option has the best trading conditions for cryptocurrency traders with margin up to 50x! Crypto trading with IQ options is a very profitable way to earn money. IQOption is the best cryptocurrency broker for traders in 2018!

Commodity Trading

IQ Option Commodity Trading offers you to trade in commodities and indices. IQ Option Commodity Trading is a new type of trading, without any risk on your side but with the potential to make high profits! IQ Option offers you an opportunity to trade Special Options that increase their value when commodity prices go up or down.

  1. Trade special Option contracts for every major index and commodity (Gold, Silver, Oil)
  2. No need for margin requirements as these are guaranteed trades

ETF Trading

IQ Option also allows you to trade ETF s, which are a good way to hedge yourself against market volatility. ETF Trading offers you an opportunity to trade Special Options that increase their value when the price of the underlying index goes up or down.

— Trade special contracts for every major ETFs (SP500, NASDAQ)

— No need for margin requirements as these are guaranteed trades

The IQ Option platform is open 24/hours and it’s accessible from any device — PC or mobile phone. The trading process can be done through various interfaces: Web Trader, Mobile App and Desktop application in real time mode with streaming quotes on your screen at all times! IQ Option has also introduced Virtual Accounts with Demo Account where one can practice before starting trading live account without

IQ Option’s Trading Platform

How to trade on IQ Option

IQ Option has a really user-friendly trading platform that is easy to use and provides investors with various features for successful trades. IQ option offers three different ways of placing your trade:

The Web trader, the IQ option Mobile App or Desktop application in realtime mode with streaming quotes on your screen at all times!

If you don’t know how to trade IQ Option, IQ Option Tutorial is the answer, that shows you how to trade IQ Options from start to finish with a simple step-by-step guide that will teach you everything about IQ option trading and make your first trade as easy as possible.

Technical indicators

IQ Option allows you to use any of the following technical indicators:

  • Bollinger Bands
  • MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence)
  • RSI (Relative Strength Index)
  • Ichimoku Cloud
  • Awesome Oscillator
  • Alligator
  • Parabolic SAR
  • Stochastic Oscillator
  • ATR
  • ADS
  • Fractal
  • CCI
  • KDJ
  • DPO
  • Belkhayate Timing

All of the IQ Option technical indicators are considered to be trend-following. Trend followers can make trades based on a change in direction from one indicator and then trade again when another signal confirms that new trend.

Trend traders may want to use several different technical indicators together in order for their trading strategy to work best. You don’t need an IQ Option account if you just want to follow trends using any kind of chart or price data, but it is advisable that you have your own money management system set up before making actual trades with real capital.

Chart types

There are five charting tools IQ Option offers to help you visualize trends in the market: Candles, Bars, Area, Line, Hollow Candles.

Area Charts are a variant of the Line chart and display price as an area rather than as a single line. This tool allows for fluctuation in prices, providing traders with a more accurate depiction of market trends over time.

It’s worth noting that Area charts on IQ Option can be set to automatically refresh every 30 seconds or according to your preferred timeframe.

Line Chart: If you’re looking for basic information about security pricing over time, then this is the one for you! The IQ Option Line chart displays changes in price by connecting consecutive points on a graph horizontally across it, as opposed to vertically like other types of charts.

Candles chart: IQ Option Candlestick chart is a visual representation of the price history for any given security. It’s made up of a line with an opening and closing tick, as well as either color or no background.

Bars chart allows you to analyze a security’s performance over an arbitrary date range. IQ Option Bars chart is a visual representation of the price history for any given security.

A market with prices rising (demand) and increasing trade volume indicates that there are more buyers than sellers in this time period, so traders should expect higher prices when trading during these periods. A trend line or breakout may also indicate that it’s about time to buy/sell despite indicators showing otherwise. The opposite would be true if prices were falling on low trade volume- then you might want to sell before they fall further!

Is IQ Option a Scam or Not?

IQ Option is not scam because IQ Option is regulated by CySEC and has been in the market for over a decade. IQ Option is a legit company with an established reputation. Broker has all of the necessary licensing and regulatory clearances to trade safe on their platform with no risk for traders.

Another great opportunity to prove that IQ option is not scam, IQ option offers weekly contests all year long! Expert traders from around the world participate in these contests on specific date and time. The winner of each contest receives $100 000 cash prize

IQ Option Trading platform allows you to trade at an interval of just one second which ensures that your orders are executed immediately after they have been placed. Withdrawals are processed within 48-72 hours maximum depending on the withdrawal method selected ( Wire Transfer or Credit Card)

IQ Option Trading Accounts

There are three IQ Option trading accounts: Standard, Silver and Gold. To open an account you need to go through a simple registration process. IQ Option has free demo account for potential traders allowing them to learn the basics of binary options before committing real funds in order to practice on their platform without risking money. There is also $25 no-deposit bonus for new clients who register with IQ option that can be used as credit balance or withdrawn from your account after meeting certain conditions (e.g., spend x amount on tradings). This way IQ option offers some advantages when it comes to bonuses and promotions, but there are still other brokers out there which provide better deals. For example, many platforms offer $100 free bets just by signing up on the platform.

Free IQ Option Demo Account

IQ option offer free demo account with virtual money that can be traded on their platform just like real funds.

IQ Option Demo Account is a great way to learn how the binary options trading works and also test your strategies before risking any investment capital. It’s important to try out broker demos as they may differ from one another, some offering more freedom and flexibility than others. The IQ Option Demo Account comes with $2500 of virtual cash, which allows clients to practice on this particular platform without risk while still able to get hands-on experience in binaries trades for these markets: commodities — energies – precious metals – Forex currency pairs  – stocks indices.

The IQ Option Demo account offers an excellent opportunity not only for newcomers but even advanced users can try all features IQ option has to offer. IQ Option is a broker that offers binary options and their demo account can be accessed online, which means traders can practice from the comfort of home or on-the-go, using any device with internet connection. This way they will not have to wait in order to try out IQ Options features before deciding whether this would fit their needs for trading

IQ Option Real Account

You can use Real account with IQ Option to trade in Forex, stocks indices and cryptocurrencies. IQ Options offer a broad range of different types of accounts: mini real account, standard IQ option trading account or a VIP IQ Option Trading Account.

IQ Option VIP Account

VIP Account is the way to get IQ Option trading account. IQ Options VIP Account is a brand new offer, which provides all clients with the chance to get access to those tools and features that will help them succeed in their activity on IQ Option platform

To get an IQ option VIP account you’ll need:

  • The amount of $10000 for initial deposit;
  • Completion of the online registration form;
  • Confirmation email from IQ Option Support team confirming your request. If there are any problems or questions please contact support team via chat system or by e-mail.

Registering and opening a business account

To register and open a business account on IQ Option platform you may contact IQ Option Support team via chat system or by e-mail.

Please provide:

  • Company name and all company details, if any;
  • Type of trading account (basic or VIP);
  • Trading instrument to open a business account for – CFD, Forex pairs, Commodities etc.;
  • Amount needed as initial deposit — $10000USD;
    The amount of money available in your IQ option basic trading account is 100000 USD. You can withdraw not more than 50% at the same time unless otherwise stated on IQ OPTIONS website. All withdrawals are done through credit cards with no hidden commissions and fees.

Order types in IQ Option platform

IQoption offers a variety of order types, you can place options orders in IQ Option’s platform and IQOption will execute them according to the following methods:

  • Market order  — To buy or sell at market price. Market prices are based on supply and demand.
  • Stop loss — an automatic execution that is triggered when reaching a certain level which is set by entering stop limit  orders
  • Stop Limit Orders-It’s one of two orders available for trading stocks with conditional control over limiting losses (stops) as well as controlling profit taking (limits). These instructions provide IQ option with power to make decisions about what happens if your trade goes against you.
  • Take Profit Orders — opposite of a stop loss order , tells IQ option to buy or sell when the trade reaches a certain level.

IQ Option in USA

In USA IQ Option is not available but you can register IQ Option account in UK. IQ Option company is based on Cyprus and it has offices all over the world including USA, Australia, New Zealand etc.

IQ Option Mobile Trading Apps

IQ Option offers mobile trading apps for both Android and iOS. You can also use IQ OPTION web-based platform on your tablet or smartphone browser without downloading an app, but it is easier to trade if you have the IQ option mobile trading apps installed.

IQ Option Android App download allows you to trade in IQ Options from your mobile phone. IQ Option iOS App is similar to IQ Option Android app and it can be downloaded for free in the Apple Store.

Trading Costs (Spreads, Commission)

IQ Option commission is quite of the market value for a trade with IQ option and is fixed at this rate no matter which asset you choose to trade or how much money you invest in the trade (per $100).

So if your investment amounts to $1000, IQ Option commission will be equal to about 47 cents.

IQ Option spreads are also low due to their tight quoting on local assets such as indices, stocks, energies etc., but there can be more expensive quotes on exotic assets like forex symbols from other countries and commodities from over-the-counter markets. IQ Options does not provide its clients with any free deals on trading costs: both commissions and spreads depend solely on what type of account they open when registering.

Minimum Deposit and Minimum Investment Amount

Minimum deposit amount is $10, IQ Option minimum investment amount is $0.01

IQ Option provides its clients with two types of trading accounts: a micro account and an expert one. IQ Option Minimum deposit for the first type can be as low as $10 but it will rise to around $2500 when opening an IQ Option Expert Account — which also includes various bonuses (for more information see IQ Options Bonuses).

As you already know from this post’s introduction, IQ option commission starts from 47 cents per trade; however if your initial deposit is less than 500 USD or equivalent in other currencies then the broker won’t charge any fee until you reach that threshold.

Replenishment of trading account and withdrawal of earned funds

IQ option replenishes your trading account with the profits you have made from successful trades. The minimum amount to replenish is $50 and it can be done by wire transfer, credit card or PayPal.

IQ option withdrawal of earned funds are quick and easy — IQ will use a number of different methods depending on which country you are in (the most popular being bank transfers). IQ does not charge any fees for withdrawals but there may be processing charges applied through your local banking institution. IQ options also has various types of accounts:

  • Standard Account (withdrawal limits set at 50 000 USD)
  • Expert Account (no withdrawal limit)
  • Trader Accounts if traders want their own personal level that they can manage according to their needs.

IQ Option Affiliate Program

IQ Option Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions on your referrals IQ Option transactions. IQ Options offers a high-quality service and the best trading experience in the industry, but we still have plenty of work to do for you!

If you are interested in IQ Option Affiliate Program please contact at

IQ Option Bonuses and promocodes

IQ Option Bonuses and promocodes are available for all IQ Option clients. There is also an IQ Promo Code available for all IQ Options clients which allows them to enjoy various promotions when making investments online through this broker platform. The company wants everyone who joins IQOption to be satisfied

If you are interested in IQ Option bonuses please contact at

IQ Option’s License / Regulation

IQ Option is an established broker with a license from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. IQ option is one of few brokers regulated by CySEC, which means they are held to stricter standards for transparency in their operations.

How much money do you need to trade iq option?

Not so much to start out. IQ Option is one of the cheapest brokers in terms of minimum deposit requirements, where you can open an account with as little as $100 and get started trading right away.

What are the best iq option strategies?

The most popular strategy among traders on IQ Option’s platform is ‘Scalper Bot’ which relies mostly on technical analysis indicators (RSI, ROC). This automated software trades at fixed times during the day when volatility reaches a certain threshold level. It buys low and sells high to generate profits.

What are IQ option demo accounts?

IQ Option offers two practice modes: Practice Mode and Demo Mode to help traders learn about how to trade IQoption before risking their own funds. For those who want more hands-on experience or prefer learning through trial and error, they should try IQ Option’s Practice Mode which features virtual money (no risk) so that users don’t have to spend any real cash for testing purposes.

What countries IQ option is allowed

IQ option is allowed all over the world except for the U.S., Australia, Canada, Japan, Israel, Turkey, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Russian Federation, Germany, Romania, Spain.

Is IQ Option Safe?

Absolutely safe broker, which offers a lot of advantages for beginners. IQ Option is one of the few brokers that provide insurance for your deposits, high leverage (up to 500:!) and educational tools that can help complete novices in this sphere become professionals with time.

IQ Option Customer Support team is the best on the market. IQ Option Customer Support team is available 24/365 to help users with any questions they may have and their clients always come first.

SMS notifications about trades which can be turned off at anytime in IQ Options settings providing traders peace of mind as no information will show up without their permission.

Is IQ Option legit?

IQ Option is legit because IQ Option is a regulated broker and has an established reputation. IQ Option has all of the necessary licensing and regulatory clearances to trade safe on their platform with no risk for traders.

You can check the licence here